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Levy Broza Architects is a curious and energetic Architecture and Design studio, founded by architect Maya Levy Broza.

The studio specializes in a wide range of architectural design fields with an emphasis on construction of private houses, residential buildings, urban renewal, and participation in architectural competitions in Israel and around the world.

Believing that good architecture is meant to create a space and place for people, our planning process begins with understanding the needs and desires of each client, to create an accurate plan and design of the structure. We use an in-depth analysis of the plot and its surrounding and aim for realizing planning ideas with a social concept and a positive impact of architecture on the environment.

We operate out of true love and passion towards the profession and strive for inter disciplinary teamwork and mutual professional enrichment and growth. We believe in the planning of a building as a whole and complete process, while paying attention to the details from the planning phase of the project to its completion. In each project we work to ensure the highest level of planning, design and execution.

Maya Levy Broza graduated with honors from faculty of Architecture and Urban planning at the TECHNION, Israel Institute of Technology. She spent a year at the Politecnico di Milano in Italy experiencing broad architectural and design education. Ever since her graduation in 2007, Maya gained significant experience, knowledge and abilities in the fields of architecture, urban planning, and design. Today she strives to create a sensitive yet sophisticated, tailor made and precise architecture.

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